NG’IYA GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL is developing; her enrolment is also increasing steadily. In 2010 the school was upgraded to be a Centre of excellence, two years down the line she has been elevated to a National School. Each year a cohort of girls join the school with high expectations and different career objectives. I wish to remind them that time management is the application of self-discipline to the use of time. Each has the same amount: 1,440 minutes every day, scientists cannot invent more minutes and neither can they save time to spend in another day. Therefore right from the onset they have to realize that time is the rhythm of events that has to be managed by employing the right tools, and be able to identify time stealers and waster for their dream to become a reality.

As students they should remain focused in relation to matters pertaining to academic programs and refrain from all forms of academic, behavioral and examination indiscipline.

The school takes a pivotal role of a factory by processing the girls through programmed curriculum with strict rules and regulations into finished products of quality.

Therefore the Deputy Principal’s Office which is mandated to take charge of disciplineemphasizes the need for the girls to uphold good discipline as it is the recipe for high achievers.

The management of discipline stems from the coordination of prefects’ election, performance, assessment and analysis of student discipline in relation to existing rules and regulations. it also deals with disciplinary cases, receives students confessions and handles major cases of indiscipline, keeps students discipline records, regularly assesses students’ general discipline and where necessary offers corrective measures for desired change in conjunction with the department of Guidance and Counseling. The office also investigates and forwards reports on student discipline to the Board of Governors through the Principal.

By and large, our success as a school depends upon using time wisely by planning and setting priorities that are personal, specific and achievable. As teachers through teamwork and cooperation we wish to empower the girls with relevant academic and revision skills that foster effective and efficient learning. We also wish to embrace a ‘zero tolerance’ towards all forms of academic indiscipline and undertake focused tracking of students to enable them realize the school target.


To our parents, we say thank you for making Ng’iya Girls High School your girl’s school of choice. We are indebted to inform you of your daughter’s academic performance and general conduct. We wish that you honour your financial obligations to the school, attend all academic meetings, academic days and make constructive contributions as well as support and help improve the school’s education program.

NG’IYA GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL Alumnae should portray a good image of the school by behaving responsibly in all social, political, economic and spiritual undertaking. They should support and participate in school developmentProgrammes when called upon.

Lastly, I wish that he Lord Almighty grant our desires as envisaged in the school vision to produce God-fearing knowledgeable responsible self-reliant and patriotic citizens capable of serving their families, community, country and the world diligently and with commitment through their various careers in future.

Role on Academic Programmes

  1.  GOALS
    -To enable every student to project a positive image of themselves and the school
    -To effectively help the students to competitively take part in national affairs
    -To build a team comprising the support staff, teachers and students that own and supports the school -program
    -To create a vibrant public nation with all the people that interacts with the school
    -To maintain honesty in academic endeavors
        A .STUDENTS
      -Discipline of students
      -Motivation of learners to promote self
      -Protection of students against possible risks
      -Management and control of academics through monitoring of learning, hearing and evaluation

-Supervision of teacher roles in pedagogical delivery
-Coordinating with the B.O.G and P.T.A in staff motivation
-Giving direction and guidance to new teachers
-Arbitrating in departmental disputes
-Handling and disbursement of resources due to teachers
-Continuing the teaching staff with the administration

-Keeping parents informed on school’s calendar and programme
-Coordinate meetings between teachers and parents
-Keeping a catalog of parents’ opinions and views about the school and its program
-Giving a clear update on a student’s discipline record on request by the parent
-Brainstorming with a parent on how to help a student with discipline problem

-Implementation of the curriculum
-Helps in vetting  student leaders for the country
-An adjudicator –Drama
-Sit in a number of community initiative projects

               -A detailed account of students’ background
                   -infrasmetral   Development board so that there are specious boardroom for meeting with students
                  -Staffing –to relive me of some of the teaming responsibilities and concentrate more on delivering other

-TO THE STUDENTS-You are the best in this part of the country you must develop to your full potential.
                              -School rules are to facilitate your personal development, not skill it, so they should be embraced.
                             -Your behavior must show that you are in are in a school with a rich historical past; the first among equals
   TO PARENTS   – Understanding through inquiry is better than blame game.
                           - Children especially adolescents are very challenging, so conserved efforts must be put in
                            Place to help them.            
  TEACHERS      - We have a job cut for us especially so with the elevation of the school
                          -The tasks are enormous but we are all up to it.
                          -Let us build a team to help this school.
ALUMM           -Motivate the leaners through occasional not only the school but also the website.
                          -Insist on some age-old traditions of the school to be upheld.

OWN VOICE    -I have served here longest, I have seen programmes put in place to transform academics over the years. I must confess that the latest Programmes are so academic intensive than in the past. There should therefore be support by all concerned parties to ensure that they yield fruits.        


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