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Mrs. Florence Okut

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Ng’iya Girls high school is a renowned School of Excellence .Our motivation comes from our motto “Build on the Rock”. We therefore endeavour to nurture well rounded students able to serve in the global world.

We have come to realize that academic excellence with character equals a lady  of substance, we offer a variety of subjects within the Kenyan curriculum to enable learners choose from a variety of subjects to enable them explore their potentials and talents.

Therefore I call upon all students to work towards academic excellence and be a lady of substance, as the society expects the best from you to take over the mantle of leadership.

Teachers too have a role to not only mentor and be role models  but  to  direct, counsel and guide  their learners to relate what they teach to everyday life and give every learner equal chance to participate.

I invite our guardians/parents, to step up their role of nurturing the girls and cooperate with the school to give the students the full opportunity to excel and pursue not only their education and talents but conducive environment at home to grow into healthy and morally upright, even as we want to appreciate the challenges faced by parents\guidance, socially, economically and technologically.

The Ministry of Education, having recognized our endeavours have deemed the school status be changed to national status, we as a school have embraced this challenge positively and want to strive to rise to the occasion.

I therefore call all our alumnae to step forward and help, mentor the girls and join us in our effort to give the school a facelift and build this school to fit into its new status of a national school, being one of the earlier schools which were begun by missionaries in the 1920s, it is challenged with infrastructure due to the expansion it experiences yearly. The school has gone ahead to put up a foundation slab of the 38 classes and administration complex and library, currently under construction having been jumpstarted by the ministry economic stimulus which completed the full foundation slab and 5 classes in the phase one and completed by parents and harambee collection, another 8 classes and ablution block in the same phase.

All stakeholders to unite to make Ngiya Girls high school a better place than they found it.


Mrs. Linet Ooko

Deputy Principal - Admin

At Ng’iya , we strive to provide quality education and nurture an all-round citizen . Discipline is key in achieving this as it enables us to put some order into our lives in terms of planning, timemanagement,sacrifice, significance and focus on academics. This also enables us to realise individual targets and excel in academics.

In order to achieve good results, I must commend the efforts of the academic department for ensuring that there are programme’s in place to keep the students engaged throughout; the disciplinary committee that ensures that the students are well guided against deviant behaviour; guidance and counselling department for their support the student council that has developed mutual trust and between the students and administration.

The majority of the parents who constantly come to school and communicate to teachers are able to track and assist in monitoring the programmes of their children. We thank the parents who have been actively involved in their children’s’ education and implore all parents to assist us in guiding our students on the path to academic success.

Ms. Anne Ingutia

Deputy Principal - Academics

NG’IYA GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL is developing; her enrolment is also increasing steadily. In 2010 the school was upgraded to be a Centre of excellence, two years down the line she has been elevated to a National School. Each year a cohort of girls join the school with high expectations and different career objectives. I wish to remind them that time management is the application of self-discipline to the use of time. Each has the same amount: 1,440 minutes every day, scientists cannot invent more minutes and neither can they save time to spend in another day. Therefore right from the onset they have to realize that time is the rhythm of events that has to be managed by employing the right tools, and be able to identify time stealers and waster for their dream to become a reality.

As students they should remain focused in relation to matters pertaining to academic programs and refrain from all forms of academic, behavioral and examination indiscipline.

The school takes a pivotal role of a factory by processing the girls through programmed curriculum with strict rules and regulations into finished products of quality.

Therefore the Deputy Principal’s Office which is mandated to take charge of disciplineemphasizes the need for the girls to uphold good discipline as it is the recipe for high achievers.

The management of discipline stems from the coordination of prefects’ election, performance, assessment and analysis of student discipline in relation to existing rules and regulations. it also deals with disciplinary cases, receives students confessions and handles major cases of indiscipline, keeps students discipline records, regularly assesses students’ general discipline and where necessary offers corrective measures for desired change in conjunction with the department of Guidance and Counseling. The office also investigates and forwards reports on student discipline to the Board of Governors through the Principal.

By and large, our success as a school depends upon using time wisely by planning and setting priorities that are personal, specific and achievable. As teachers through teamwork and cooperation we wish to empower the girls with relevant academic and revision skills that foster effective and efficient learning. We also wish to embrace a ‘zero tolerance’ towards all forms of academic indiscipline and undertake focused tracking of students to enable them realize the school target.