I salute you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am Jecinter, the School Nurse, Ng’iya Girls.

NG’IYA GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL decided to have a school nurse after experiencing some problems like students failing to attend lessons due to minor complaints like dysmenorrhea, slight coughs, and minor headaches. This was in 2012.

Some of the services I render to NG’IYA GIRLS Community/ School as follows:

1. To the students who are the main recipients of my services –

Make referrals to hospitals depending on the condition of the student, to where they can get better management.
Ensure that the sick bay, where the girls rest after getting medication is clean and everything is in order.
I act as a bridge between the students and the parents -: there are cases where girls cannot discuss with their parents so if I get such cases I am forced to involve the parents for either financial support or psychological support
For serious cases I accompany the students to the district hospital or any other hospital that the parents wished their children to be treated I e.g. Agha Khan Kisumu, Bama Nursing Home
I also offer peer counseling


a) I give professional advice for those who need it.
b) For the staff I may assist in emergency cases i.e. in case a kitchen staff cuts himself/herself with a knife it’s my duty to offer first aid and then refer them for further management.
a) There must be good communication between the student so that I may know the real student that I am handling. In many cases students have diseases that exist only when they are in school, but when at home they are very fine. It is through the parents that such cases can be dealt with after getting the relevant information from the parent of the student.
I will end by saying this -: let the parents help me end these diseases that the students believe they are suffering from by taking them promptly for treatment when we release them to come home for medication. It is sad that a student will tell you that “babangu alikuwa busy na siasa hata hakuwa na nafasi ya kunipeleka hospitali.”
Dealing with the girl child is not easy unless you get support from the school community as a whole, so teachers and parents: let us cooperate in order to make the life of the student a healthy one as they prepare for their national examinations.