Somebody once said , that one of the steps of maintaining a goal until you maintain it is by becoming a leader, first of your own self then now to others therefore as a student councilor one gets the opportunity and privilege of exploring ability or doing what interests one, but also it sharpens skills and contributes a percentage to one’s success.

The Student Council Body

Personally being a leader of the students’ council , The Secretary General or The Deputy Head girl has given me a chance to know that actually I’m a capable leader not only at school right now, but also aspiring to be a great one even in my posterity .

I’ve gotten the opportunity to interact with more than a thousand students ,to learn them and know what interests them and what does not interest them, but again it requires that prudency to be able to make wise decisions even in times of difficult situations and quagmires. It is a responsibility that only has to come from deep within the heart, for one to withstand and endure the challenges and hatred from envious students. Winston Churchill once said that responsibility is the price of greatness. So efforts do not just go in vain but are rewarded and the greatness becomes conspicuous.

To be a council member is not a punishment at all but all a matter of sacrifice, therefore those who are pessimistic about leadership should not fear but take courage and be firm. Success will automatically follow. Never forget leaders are chosen by God. To all council members let’s all be outstanding and act as role models to the rest.