The careers, guidance and counseling department aims to train girls who will be leaders in the society. Girls who are able to achieve their lifelong dreams and visions guided by the skills and values they will have acquired in Ng’iya Girls. The department aims to train girls who are able to adjust to any environment once outside school and college.

The use of long-range testing and evaluation data right from primary school – this is the professionally proven tool which the department uses in assessing individual talents, aptitudesand abilities in order to help students accurately match their abilities to training opportunities and job market placement after college.

The factors that influence career choice are many: it is therefore important that parents/guardians partner with the department to help leaners make choices that will be rewarding and fulfilling throughout their lives. This is a life-changing moment in the lives of the learners – the choices they make at this time determine not only their career paths but also whether theirs will be lives well-lived, enriching and fulfilling and rewarding. Parents and teachers therefore need to be guided by scientifically proven and ethically and morally sound tools when guiding these young learners at this life-changing moment in their lives.

Matching individual skills to the ever changing job market using professionally proven test measures – these are the approved scientific tools with which this departmenthelps the learners to accurately match their skills and aptitudesto the tests testing placement One of the main goals of this Department is to guide students to be psychologically well-adjusted at school and ready to achieve their stated learning objectives.

Thus the department aims:

To impart efficient learning and examination skills to enable students do well in their exams from form 1 through to the K.C.S.E Examinations.
To get the students informed on different aspects of life.
To impart up to date information on tertiary and university education to students to assist them make informed choices regarding post-secondary school education.
To help students make informed decisions regarding subject choices that reflect their talents and aptitudes.
To help students make informed decisions regarding university placement (university application).
To guide students concerning latest job placement and job skill requirements in the job market
Toprovide guidance to students on tertiary education, scholarships and other opportunities available for training in and outside Kenya

• Testing and aptitude appraisal in order to help place students in career paths suited to their talents and attitude
• Career guidance.
• Subject selection.
• Attitudinal and psychometric evaluation to match skills and job market requirements.
• Counseling services
• Advise on stress management – given that school and home problems can be a source of stress to students
• Guidance on time management
• Student orientation as they arrive in form one

• Counseling services.
• Career guidance and job placement advice in line with students’ ability and aptitudes.
• Advise on how to manage issues at home to avoid a “spillover” effect that would negatively impact the student’s learning at school.
• Counseling new parents whose children have just joined Ng’iya Girls High School.
• Advise on student’s abilities so that parents don’t pressurize a student into a career path that does suit their abilities.


• Data base of students population for outreach and networking.
• Networking with alumnae to sponsor needy children and give support where they can
• Inviting them to come and talk to current students on life after school, career paths and career opportunities in the professions in which they are now working

• Follow up counseling to match students’ ability to match subject options requirements in order to facilitate stated subject goals.
• Approach teachers on behalf of students where a studentis experiencing difficulties in certain subjects

• 2 Laptops.
• 1 Digital camera
• 1Scanner or printer
• 2 more career counselors (a growing standard population in a 5 stream national schools.)


• Parents, teachers and students need to undertake the process of subject selection and university applications with sensitivity and patience bearing in mind students’ aptitudes and ability.