The boarding department is mainly concerned with food and nutrition, healthcare and hygiene in the school.


The Department aims to instill a sense of responsibility in the girl child and to equip her with hygiene skills for a healthy living in her family, country and the world at large.
To provide healthcare services to ensure that students are of sound health all the time while in school.
The Department also aims to avail standard and nutritious provisions in every school meal to keep the students healthy and able to pursue academic excellence.


We provide basic training of students on how to be their environmental clean at school and at home and wherever they are. We ensure that they get quality food and healthcare that the school can afford to provide.

The boarding office provides support to new teachers in the department through induction. The boarding office also ensures that the teachers’ welfare is taken care of in terms of provisions of meals while they are in school.


WE offer pieces of advice to parents on the needs of their daughters to enable them understand what their daughters require to be able to make good use of the resources available and benefit fully from learning.

The office provides moral support to strengthen the relationship between the school and the old students by attending alumnae functions and getting involved in discussion with the “old girls” who have come out to identify with the school.

The department is in need of facilities that can enable it offer efficient services to teachers, subordinate staff and students. These include: modern kitchen equipment, adequate washrooms, dining hall and improved health facility.
The department needs a computer to make processing of documents and keeping of records easier.


Parents should take seriously the education of the girl-child to make them better people in society in the future.

Students must take their studies seriously. Those who excel will always find a place in the society.

Parents should take seriously the education of the girl-child to make them better people in future.

Work with commitment, determination and integrity. Do your best to make students achieve their dreams.


Always remember your school. It made a contribution to who you are today.


Teaching is a calling. It is God who fully rewards us. The commitment required will never be commensurate to the package available. We welcome all to join and support us in all ways possible in our endevour to mould young people.