To be a department of Excellence in Science, Technology and innovation

To provide quality education & training in Science subjects through creation, preservation, dissemination and utilization of Knowledge for individual development ad self-fulfillment.


1) Professionalism and Dedication to Excellence
To perform with d=integrity to the highest levels of competence and professionalism in teaching and training.

2) Team Spirit and Teamwork
In the course of performing our duties, we shall work as a team at all levels consistent with our school’s founding motto of “Build on the Rock”.

3) Quality Customer Service: –
To demonstrate sensitivity to staff and student welfare while instilling measures that meet the needs of all stakeholders.

4) Good Management Skills: –
To embrace and practice good management by ensuring that all our processes and procedures are marked by efficiency, effectiveness and transparency.

5) Conservation of the Environment: –
We shall practice environmental stewardship to the highest standards to promote good health and environmental protection.

6) Freedom of thought in Science Enquiry: –
We shall promote & defend freedom of thought in Science Enquiry.

i) Teaching Staff


1) Naftali Ambala – HOS
2) Christopher Odongo – Physics/Maths
3) Philip Aida Oyuga – Physics/Chem
4) Vincent Oduor – Physics/Maths
5) Kevin Ochola – Physics/Maths


1) Yvonne Gumaiya – HOS
2) Leonard Odhiambo – Chem/Maths
3) Oscar Osawo – Chem/Bio
4) Brenda Okumu – Chem/Maths


1) Miriam Oyugi – Bio/Agric
2) Odalo Maurice Otieno – Bio/Agric
3) David Owuor – Bio/Chem
4) Henry Odhiambo – Bio/Chem
5) Conslate Juma – Bio/Chem

ii) Support Staff

1) Leo Ochieng (Mr.)
2) Mildred Machu (Mrs.)

ii) Physical Facilities

1) Chem Lab – 1
2) Bio Lab – 1
3) Physics Lab – 1

1. Service to Students

a) Dissemination of knowledge and information regarding Science
b) Guidance on Career Choice and positive attitude towards Science.