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Humanities Department

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INTRODUCTION – The Department offers the following subjects: (i) Geography, (ii) History and (iii) C.R.E The Geography Department is headed by Mr. Ouma Otieno, History Mr. Ochieng Osowo and C.R.E Ms. Lilian Oketch. AIMS/OBJECTIVES OF THE DEPARTMENT The department aims to prepare the girls of Ng’iya Girls High School to qualify for Careers in Humanities-based […]

Languages Department

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DEPARTMENTAL GOALS As a department we are aiming at achieving a minimum target of 7.00 for form 2-3 and 9.00 for form fours in all their examinations in Kiswahili and English this year 2013 .We aim at clearing the teaching of all the set books in second term for form fours and embark on revision. […]

Mathematics Department

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Departmental goals To make the learner: i) Develop positive attitude towards learning mathematics ii) Think and reason precisely, logically and critically in any given situation iii) Acquire knowledge and skills necessary for further education and training. iv) Come out successful, competent in appraising and utilizing mathematical skills in playing a positive role in the development […]

Strategic Plan

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Planning can be defined as a disciplined effort to produce fundamental decisions and actions that shape what an organization (or other entity) is, what it does, and why it does it. During the process of the strategic planning, the managers or owners (or stakeholders) review, re-examine and agree on the mission and vision of the […]

BOG Chairman

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MESSAGE FROM THE BOG CHAIRMAN Accept warm Christian greetings from the Chairman and the entire Board of Management of Ngiya Girls’ High School. Our school, which has now become “The school of choice” in western region of Kenya had a very humble beginning about 50 years ago. With time, she has developed all round and […]

Historical Background

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Ng’iya literally means ‘look at me’ . The school sits on top of a hill fondly referred to as Got K`Orengo (Orengo’s hill) in reference to Rev. Pleydell (Bwana Orengo), one of the pioneer missionaries and founders of the school. This position gives a good panoramic view of the serene surrounding villages of Mur, Kogelo, […]